Soul Blueprints

Every birth is a new soul born and every name given at birth holds opportunity, privilege and spiritual mission. Your name at birth and your date of birth tells your story.

Your Path of Destiny gives you an understanding of your natural talents, it points to what it is that comes as naturally to you as breathing and gives insight into the kind of lifestyle most suitable for you. Knowing and understanding this is the first step in gaining clarity of the direction you are headed in and knowing what you have innately to work with and the kinds of experiences that are best for your development. 

Attempting to live a lifestyle that is not in harmony with your Personal Vibration will create dissatisfaction, this eventually leads to unhappiness and can result in health issues if continued for too long.

Your Path of Destiny tells you what you are naturally good at and what you are here for without even trying, it’s a source of power and energy, something you can trust and draw on as you meet your responsibilities in the world, it’s a major part of who you are and what you came here to do.

The natural abilities shown in your Path of Destiny help you move forward in life and fulfil the work of this life time. Your Personal Power is what you DO, or more accurately what you are required to do throughout this lifetime. The key to you lies in your name at birth and the day you were born, 

If all the world is a stage and all the men and women merely actors (William Shakespeare), what part are you to play on that stage?

Your name and the day you were born is your Book of Life, a how to manual for living, all you need to do is decode this manual and your destiny becomes clear.

There are many aspects to Numerology, all of them telling a part of your story and all of them being one part of the puzzle, put them together and you have a complete connected life story.

To enable me to give you an accurate Soul Blueprint I will need your date of birth and your full name at birth with correct spelling so please add these details when you complete the contact form.

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Fiona xx