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Personal Communication Style

One of the things we all know as parents raising kids, is that they all have a personal communication style. A different communication style to us that is, and if you have more than one child, quite likely each of those kids has a different communication style to each other.

When my kids were little I wanted to know what made each of them tick. With their own unique personalities they all responded very differently to the same situations, at home, at school and socially. And I figured if I knew what made them tick, what their personal currency was, I could appeal to that when aiming for a win win outcome…and let’s face it, as a parent that’s what you always want.

It can be a bit of a challenge to figure out personal communication styles but it goes without saying that once you do figure it out, that understanding can supercharge all your relationships. Which is especially gratifying when it comes to your kids. AND it makes life a WHOLE lot easier.

What I really wanted was to have great relationships with my kids, the kind of relationships where they felt they were heard, respected and understood and I as their mum felt I was heard, respected and understood. I would say we had and have, a high percentage of that desired result. And I know without a doubt that is in large part down to understanding HOW to approach my communication with my kids.

I did have a bit of a head start, being raised by a Numerologist mother I had a very good understanding of Numerology and how best to approach any kind of negotiation based on number vibration. This knowledge was an absolute sanity saver when my three kids were small and logic was non existent.

The currency of each child is always going to be their own currency because respect and understanding looks and feels different to each of us. Knowing my children’s Soul Blueprints was unbelievably fabulous! As humans we each value and interpret certain words and actions in our own way, finding the key to that interpretation can magically open an otherwise locked door.

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