Karma The Law of Cause and Effect

Karma is one of the Laws of Nature – the Law of Cause and Effect. Personal Karma can be identified clearly through Numerology and is usually felt as a kind of resistance. Consciously identifying and confronting the fear attached to a karmic issue is the first step in breaking down the walls you have built up to the sensitivity around the issue, you can then master your emotions surrounding the issue.

Seeing your karmic for the lesson and accept it, you can then turn this into a strength rather than a weakness. These lessons are said to have been experiences in past lives that were consciously avoided or abused. Until you are aware of the significance and accept the responsibility to change your attitude to the lesson, you are unable to take advantage of the opportunities that are present as well.

Once you see the area of karma and have the intention to balance it, the pressure and resistance will ease, this makes personal karma hugely important for your own development and balance.

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