What My Clients Say

Fiona has been my personal on call Numerologist for the last 20 or so years. She has proven to be an asset I would not like to do without. As she has helped me to navigate and understand with amazingly accurate predictions whether to do with my personal or my business life letting me know when it’s best to move on something or to perhaps lay low and wait. All through the understanding of this most wondrous modality. I love that this is a craft handed down to her by her mother whom I also knew and admired for her skill. I feel Fiona has added too this age old craft with her own personal intuitive flair and mastery in ways that can help make life a lot less stressful if embraced. Thanks again Fiona looking forward to my year ahead report.

Cat Vermeer Change Creator at Catalyst Cat, NZ
“I came across Numerology a number of years ago when I first met Fiona and have been quite intrigued since. Fiona generated my personal blueprint from only my name and date of birth and it was amazing how accurate it was. There was one aspect about someone ‘leaving my life that year’ and how true it turned out to be.
Since then I have had my yearly report done each year so I could tune in to the yearly and monthly lessons and try to make things flow rather than butting my head against life.
I have since developed a fascination with numbers and will continue to use numerology for the rest of my life.
Tony Bloom Director at Roster Portal, Gold Coast

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