Numerology uses the numbers of your birthdate and your names to uncover aspects of yourself and your life, thereby giving an all encompassing view of your blueprint in this life. It points to your opportunities, your challenges, your strengths and your weaknesses...all the answers about you are there in your birthdate and your names.

There are many systems of Numerology, the one I use is 1 through 9 inclusive which is the most common. These numbers related to life's nine basic experiences and my own experience has shown the accuracy of this system to be right on track. 

We are all energy - both positive and negative, understanding Numerology in your life helps to clearly focus your energy for more constructive expression for the most positive outcomes. Learning about the Metaphysical sciences such as Numerology helps to strengthen your own intuition, it's your intuitive self that has the answers for you. 

Metaphysics is the study of those sciences that extend beyond the physical. As with all metaphysical sciences it's important to FEEL the vibration, sitting quietly and tuning in will eventually make it a lot easier to tune in to that vibration.

Life is a journey of Self Discovery.