About Numerology

Numerology is a predictive science based on numbers dating back to Pythagorus, who taught Numerology in his Mystery Schools around 532BC.

The teachings were based on Mathematics, Music and Astronomy, which he considered the Triangular Foundation of all the arts and sciences. Mathematics he held first as he concluded that Mathematics could exist without the other two but that nothing could exist without number.

Predicting, counselling and understanding life through numbers dates back approximately 11,000 years with evidence showing it is more likely twice as old as that. Known as the Father of Numbers, Pythagorus brought this knowledge to Greece which created a foundation on which many of the great philosophers built their beliefs.

The value hidden within understanding Numerology and the vibration of numbers is priceless, golden. Numerology is more than numbers, Numbers are used by all of us ever day of our lives. Numbers are energy, they have a vibration that directs us throughout our lives.

Understanding the magic contained within the numbers gives you the ability to reach the heart of your true purpose, your life blueprint and see it clearly for what it is.

Understanding the basics of Numerology allows us the honour of knowing each other on a deeper level.

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