About Fiona

So, what is my story? I am a second generation Numerologist, my mum before me was a very gifted Numerologist who 'knew' her craft inside out. Most of what I know was taught to me by her and some of it was simply 'absorbed' by being around her, listening and watching, sometimes without even knowing that's what I was doing.

What I share on this site is information that has been handed down to me and I feel a kind of responsibility to pass this knowledge on, to share it with the world. I have loads of notes left to me, some of these hand written and some typed out on an old typewriter...complete with white-out on the mistakes and misspells. For many years these notes have sat on my bookshelf gathering dust, however I feel it's important to honour this family treasure trove of knowledge by using it to help you.

As my mother before me I have been able to help many people take an easier road and create more flow in their lives through my understanding of the vibration of numbers and how they fit with each individual person. 

You can live life one of two ways - either by pushing against the natural flow of the tide or by swimming along with it staying openly conscious to opportunity and gifts that are given throughout life. Numerology is a fabulous tool that teaches you how to swim along with the flow and accept the opportunities when they are given.

And that, my friends is when true magic happens!

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