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2017 Starts Now

Many of you will have noticed 2017 has started very slowly and I am here to tell you 2017 starts now!

After the transformational Universal 9 energy that was 2016, where pretty much every being on the planet was impacted in some way, 2017 will feel like a whole new kettle of fish. Depending on your understanding of what was happening under the surface both globally and personally in 2016, you would have felt that transformation as positive, negative or somewhere in between.

Rather than January 2017 being a big leap into a whole new year globally, it’s really been the waiting room or sitting space between 2016 and 2017. We started the year on a slow 2 energy which, let’s face it, we probably all needed so that we could rest and recuperate a little from 2016.

With the beginning of February we will now know for sure 2017 has started, February is much more expansive, creative and bursting with new energy. As with anything planted, new growth takes a while to show, the growth is mainly happening below the surface before the new shoots  show above the surface, well now we are coming into the new shoots showing above the surface. This is an exciting stage of growth for our planet which at this point is a little fragile after her last 9 year cycle.

What I’m talking about here is Universal energy as opposed to individual energy but since we are all living breathing connected beings here on planet Earth, we still feel this energy and we still live under this energy. Exciting as February is globally, it’s also a month of scattered energy and extremes, so while we will see some great creative things happening on the world stage, there will also be a few meltdowns, tantrums and crazy stuff we will bear witness to. It’s not all systems go just yet, it’s a little bit of two step – two steps forward, one step back, rinse and repeat.

So here’s to this fabulous planet of ours holding strong and sprouting new growth!

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