About Numerology

So what is Numerology and how do you use it?

 Everything in the Universe has a vibrational frequency – an energy, a force – all vibrating at various rates and we are no exception. The difference between one person and another is a rate of vibration, this force or energy is constantly in motion and changing.

Number also has a vibration, along with letters, colours, sounds etc. When you are able to understand your own number frequencies you can use that understanding as a platform to create a lifestyle where you experience a lot more joy, energy, growth and flow.

Numerology is the metaphysical science of number and refers to the knowledge contained within the numbers of your birth date and your names – this is your own personal blueprint.

 Understanding the power contained within the numbers gives you the ability to reach the heart of your true purpose, your life blueprint and see it clearly for what it is.

The numbers of your birth date and the letters of your names have an energy – a vibrational frequency – here is where you find the key to understanding yourself and your journey here on Earth. Once you understand Numerology it is like a magic key for you and your relationships. Numerology gives us the insight to know ourselves and each other on a deeper level.

Numerology can improve your life by:

     bridging the gap between your internal & external worlds

     helping you develop your own intuition

     getting clarity on your purpose

     exposing potential opportunities available to you and the timing of these

     providing short cuts to understanding other people in your life – children, partners, friends, business colleagues 




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Numerology is a fabulous tool which can enable you to create much deeper relationships, manage your business and money interests more constructively and navigate the twists and turns of life for far greater harmony.

I'm really happy to be able to share my knowledge with you so you can experience much more happiness and harmony in your own life.


Fiona Lee xx

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